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A look at Data Centres –

Ten extreme data centres –

Five data centres you can’t live – without

You’ve tested the cloud – now get ready and take a bigger step –

You need one cloud computing provider – and this is why –

Computer Weekly

Expense management using the cloud

Data Science Toolkits – using big data to mine your data

How to augment a public cloud strategy with on-premise IT by running workloads in a private cloud and bursting to the public cloud –

Object Storage 101 –

Cloud Computing Intelligence

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Microsoft Developer Network – MSDN

How to develop your first Windows 8 App –

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Top 10 resources for Windows 8 –

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Hacking and enterprises –

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Pitching for business on social media –

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How to manage multiple servers with Windows Server 2012 –


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Santander Breakthrough

Commissioning and writing case studies and articles on growth finance and IT. I’m credited on a few IT articles ( – Most of my copy is uncredited

Case Study Your Vets

Staff training: boot camp, online or MOOC?

Broadcast Your Business With YouTube

Creating An Internet Marketing Strategy

How Dynamic Search Functions Can Boost Your Online Business –

Five Apps No Growing Business Should Be Without

Can You Reduce Your IT Support Costs?

Facebooking for Business

Five Technologies That Will Change Business In 2014

Options For Cloud Computing

Adopting Agile Business Methods

Top Ten Business Apps

Vital Ingredient: Building A Fresh New Business

Trade Mission To The US: WEST Brewery

A Breakthrough for YourVets

Trade Mission To The US: Bag It Don’t Bin It

Green Shoots

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2013 Procurement Guide – and

In-Store Supplement – The high-street is dead long-live the high street – March 2013 –

DAI and Dansk Case study – March 2013 –

Supplement on multi-channel – May 2010 – Creating a Single Viewpoint –

Fraud and Payment Supplements – Jan 2010 – Converting Abandonment – The secret is in the mix

Ecommerce Platforms – Mar 2010 –The new frontiers for ecommerce and Navigating E-commerce channels

May 2007 – Internet retailing – Success as a service – Retailing May 2007 – Success as a service.pdf

March 2007 – Internet retailing – internet and retailing – Retailing March 2007 – Internet and retailing.pdf


Think ten billion users, think mobile! –

Useful Social Media

B2B Social Media for Customer Service –

The Value of social media Advertising –

Understanding Big Data –

Startups/Growing Business

10 Reasons to go fully digital –


Job Hunting? Do You Need a Project Management Certification? –!CWZZH

NMK interview

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Taking more on with tablets – Feb 2013 –

VARS must switch on to Secure Printing – Nov 2007 –

Reviews on ChannelWeb 2007-2008


Sustainable IT guide 2008  –

CIO magazine

Meeting customers multi-channel needs – Dec 2010 –

Moving to mobile – Feb 2011 –

CFO World

Sept 2010 – Technology 2.0 –

Oct 2010 – Take your business to the cloud –

Oct 2010 – Networking your Phone Service –


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Social Media demands a response now –


Q&A with e-consultancy on the launch of the Guardian’s mobile site

Growing Business

Creating a digital DNA –

The Guardian

Is e-commerce the future – Sept 1999


Winning Mobile Strategies –


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Firebrand Handbook for employers 2013                       

IBM Vision magazine Spring 05 –                    

IBM Vision magazine Summer 06 –                    

IBM Vision magazine Issue 08 – Winter 2006                   

IBM Vision magazine Issue 09 – Summer 2007                   

IBM Vision magazine Issue 13 – Autumn 2009                 

IBM Storage Solutions Guide                                          

IBM ThinkTank 1 BI and Data Management – 2007         

IBM ThinkTank 2 Going Green – 2007                            

IBM ThinkTank 2 Northern Ireland July 2008                    

IBM ThinkTank 5 – Collaboration                                        

IBM ThinkTank 8 – Optimisation – May 2008                       

IBM ThinkTank 10 – July 2008 – Business Continuity         

IBM ThinkTank 18 Dynamic Infrastructure – July 2009       

IBM ThinkTank 19 Cost reduction – Jan 2010                    

IBM whitepaper – Risking it all 2011                                   

IT Manager – working from home – July 2007 Equanet       

IT Manager – Go for green – Sept 2007 – Equanet              

IT Manager – Clever Storage – Dec 2007 Equanet           

No Nonsense Guide to High Growth – BIS 2010                

Welsh No Nonsense Guide to High Growth – BIS 2010    

PC World Business – Remote IT Management                 

Sustainable IT Guide – Insight                                          

BT Upload Magazine Issue 08                                          

BT Upload Magazine Issue 09                                          


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Two chapters on GoCompare and Net-a-Porter in Published July 2012

Three articles Ghost written for Actinic June 2012

Mcommerce: – Mcommerce: Going mobile with your online store – Mcommerce: Some tools for building mobile-friendly websites – Creating mobile-friendly marketing campaigns

Interviews and writing up for the 2011Olswang Convergence Survey

Proving and testing your business ideas – Barclays one Small Step –

Promoting my business through social media – Barclays one Small Step –

Apple in Business ebook for Equanet